Home Cade Photos Future Events Cavalcade Links Maintenance Newsletters Parts / Vendors Rides / Tours Specs and Facts Stories Who's Who has been lovingly restored by Dave Munro / Web Master and Peter Purcell during 2019. Dave's dedication and endless hours has played a significant part in this daunting task.  Jay & Bridget Johnson, Bob Ramsey, Tracy & Darla Presnell, Spike Jones and countless others have given us hours of time answering our endless questions and requests for information.  Without their dedication and support to this project and to the Cavalcade Club all these years there most likely would be, no Cavalcade Club.  Please send your thanks to Jay at

Our Club has only a small amount of funds available (really needed for "The 2020 Cade Raid").  Even so, Jay Johnson, our Club President graciously offered a portion of it to try and help fund this vital project.  With all humility Dave and I declined the offer and elected to front the needed funds ourselves.  Our feelings were if we failed we did not want to deplete the little funds the club has and hoped if we succeeded the Members would come to the rescue.  is up and running.  Please give generously to help defray the initial costs of this project.   Jay is handling all your contributions so please email him at so he may reply with necessary details. Your support allows us to strengthen the initial release and update the site with current up to date information, the new Membership Update Drive and the hopeful integration of Ask and Answer your Mechanical Questions on the site & more.

Members, our Club has never asked for help. At this point in our history it's needed. Please give generously what you can.

Each Member contributing $100.00 will receive a beautifully crafted Suzuki Cavalcade Lapel Pin dated 2019 / 2020 free.
Each Member contributing $200.00 will receive 2 beautifully crafted Suzuki Cavalcade Lapel Pins dated 2019 / 2020 free.  

If your financial position allows a gift of $400.00 or more, you will receive 2 beautifully crafted SuzukiCavalcade Lapel Pins and a superb piece of artwork, a Suzuki Cavalcade LXE  lovingly detailed on Canvas, all shipped to you with our thanks.

We are truly the lone wolves of the Highway - The Suzuki Cavalcade is the Greatest Touring Motorcycle ever made.
All the folks herein wish all of you and your families a Happy New Year and the Very Best for 2020.  Peter Purcell (

Please support the Club that has always supported you - now we need Yours!

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Caid Raid Supporter


Caid Raid Supporter

 This site is dedicated to Suzuki Cavalcade owners all over the world.

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